API parameters

The API parameters that can be used for intergrations
Written by Denys Beztuzhev
Updated 2 months ago

Audit parameters:

    • which users are currently active
    • user sessions on different devices
    • filters by department/company and activity reports

    Dashboard parameters:

    • number of employees, devices, PCs
    • currents tasks running
    • admin notifications

    Devices parameters:

    • create and manage user access profiles (additional security settings to get access to employees workstations)
    • show devices online
    • delete keys

    Employees parameters:

    • get list of all the employees
    • create, edit and delete employee profiles
    • add, edit and delete employee's personal and shared accounts
    • creating Windows accounts

    Identity parameters:

    • login to the server

    Org Structure parameters:

    • create, edit and delete departments, companies and positions in the server

    Shared Accounts parameters:

    • create and delete shared employee accounts

    Templates parameters:

    • create, edit, view and delete account templates

    Workstations parameters:

    • approve employyes workstations (PCs)
    • add and remove devices that can unlock PCs by proximity
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