About Hideez Enterprise Server

General information about what Hideez Enterprise Server does and requires
Written by Denys Beztuzhev
Updated 2 months ago

What it does?

  • manages Hideez Keys, federates associated endpoints, and stores digital identity information
  • checks the authenticity and legitimacy of end-points as well as Hideez Keys
  • controls all Hideez Keys of the company, integrates them with existing infrastructure, assigns users to Keys

What are the possibilities of using HES?

  • Integrate Hideez Enterprise Server with existing LDAP to manage all entry points in the directory of IT resources
  • Upload the list of users into LDAP and allow Authorization via LDAP
  • Manage user roles including privileged access management
  • Manage Hideez Keys
  • Remote password management; issue, change, deliver.
  • Remotely delete or block Hideez Key from the ecosystem.
  • Data export and Import
  • NIST and PCI-DSS Standards

System Requirements

  • OS: Windows Server 2012 x64
    CentOS 7 x64
  • Fedora 29, 30 x64
  • Debian 9 x64
  • Ubuntu 16.04, 18.04, 18.10, 19.04 x64
  • Linux Mint 17, 18 x64
  • Static IP
    4 GB of RAM
    4 GB of disk space
    MySQL server 8.0
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