1. Setup a remote desktop session on the remote workstation.
  2. Run Hideez Remote. Connection information appears on the screen encoded as a QR-code. You can choose the appropriate IP and change the port for the Hideez session. Any changes made on the screen will lead to the generation of a new QR-code.

Figure 3. Hideez Remote connection screen

3. On Hideez Safe on the local workstation, press the hotkey or on your local Hideez Key enter the button sequence to run the “Connect to Hideez Remote” command that will prompt Hideez Safe on the local workstation to scan the QR on Hideez Remote,
extracting the connection information - IP, port and AES-secret and setup aconnection between the workstations.

Figure 4. Hideez Remote connection confirmation

4. Try to access the application where the credentials from Hideez Key are needed. Use Hideez Key as you normally would to enter the credentials into the appropriate authentication fields on the remote workstation (i.e. via hotkey or button sequence).
5. The credentials will be transmitted via encrypted channel to the remote workstation. Hideez Remote will enter the received credentials into the appropriate fields. You shouldgain access to the application you wanted. 

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