1. Install the application.

Please note that you need to install the application with Administrator rights, via the command line (“Start” / run / cmd menu), where in the installation parameters you can enter the server address and the driver installation for Bluetooth dongle.

C:\Windows\system32>C:\hideezsafe.msi HESADDRESS="" INSTALLDONGLEDRIVER="1"

2. Run the application

3. Insert USB Dongle into USB port

The application will change the state of the element Dongle, informing that the connection with the dongle is established

4. Insert RFID Reader into USB port

The application will change the status of the RFID item, informing you that the RFID Reader is connected.

5. The status of the HES item automatically informs you of the established connection with the server as soon as the Hideez Service is started.

In case the connection with the server is not established -

  1. Check that the server address in the computer registry is correct.

In the case of changing the server address, do not forget to change the server address in the registry.

        2.    Check that the Hideez service is running, restart it.

3. Bring the Hideez Key device to the Bluetooth Dongle and the Hideez Key will automatically connect to your computer and the connected device will appear in the Hideez Client application.

100% - the level of the Bluetooth signal (With an increase in the distance of the Hideez Key from your computer, the value will decrease)

If the connection with the Hideez Key is lost, information will appear in the application

Hidden menu allows you to:

Authorize - Authorize the device to use it for entering credentials or unlock PC by proximity.

Press the button shortly:

At first time you should to set the PIN:

Here is how authorized device is displayed:

Device Info shows you whole information about device (menu Devices on admin's panel).

In order to configure PC unlocking using RFID, you need to create an entry in the employee's account for the corresponding device, in which you specify the PC name and password to log on to the system. This record is designated as the main account - “Set us primary account”. 

To unlock the PC, you must attach Hideez Key to the RFID reader.

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